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Incase - Action Camera Collection | Preview

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Up until now, users of action camera systems such as GoPro, have to jerry-rigged a slew of storage solutions in order to transport all of the components to and from locations. That is about to change with the new Action Camera Collection from Incase, where a comprehensive line of 13 products will help end users to organize, store and protect their GoPro gears as well as other action camera systems.

“When we looked at the unprecedented rise of the action camera market and what our ambassadors, like Ken Block and Kelly Slater were using to protect their devices we saw opportunity to set a new standard.” - Tony Held, CEO of Incase

The integrated system starts with the Pro Pack, a modular carrying solution made to support a heavy load while allowing user to shoot video with obstruction. compartmentalized into zipped pouch and protected canister lined with Incase’s proprietary Tensaerlite material, users can easily fit two or more GoPro cams, power packs, and other accessories.

In addition to the Pro Pack, the Action Camera Collection includes a Sling Pack, Mono and Dual Kit, a silicone protective case for GoPro cameras, plus Accessory Cartridge for all of the peripherals. Prices ranging from $19.95 USD to $149.95 USD, the first of the Incase Action Camera Collection will be available at Best Buy and starting on Sunday, August 31st.