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Nicki Minaj "Anaconda” Set New 24-Hour Viewership Record on VEVO

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19.6 million views. That's the record breaking 24-hour VEVO view count on Nicki Minaj's twerkathon, "Anaconda." Edging out the former record holder (and fellow Twerker), Miley Cyrus and her ballad "Wrecking Ball," which received 19.3 million views during its debut, Minaj's oversexualized video based on a Sir Mix-A-Lot sampled track and pays homage to the 90s club classic -- with a twist of role reversal. In signature fashion, the flow is smooth with snappy punchlines making it hard not to smirk at the sheer crass silliness. There's even a special appearance from Drake, although he's not dropping bars, as he's treated to a special moment from the Ms. Minaj. Check out the video below, but beware it's slightly NSFW. Let us know what you think below.