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Qbracelet - The Fashion Accessory That Charges Your Phone

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New York-based startup Q Designs has developed its flagship product, one that poses the solution to the most common of conundrums: a depleted phone with nary a power source in sight. The Qbracelet addresses that need in the form of a sleek unisex accessory, compatible with both iOS and Android devices thanks to the bracelet’s clasp, where there's a lightning adapter for Apple products and a micro-USB port for Android devices. The bracelet, featuring an exterior made of high-grade aluminum with an interior of polycarbonate plastic, has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will charge most phones up to about 60%, with charging times rated at 90 minutes. Available in five different colors and three different sizes, the Qbracelet can be pre-ordered through Q Designs' site for $79.99.