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NEIGHBORHOOD - Tiger Stripe Camouflage Collection

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Popularized during the Indochina conflicts that lasted for four decades, the tiger stripe camouflage is also a product from those conflicts. A derivative of the lizard pattern camo, one used by the French Army when it occupied much of the region, the tiger stripe took on a symbolic meaning as well during the First Indochina War that helped to establish the region’s independence from its French colonial rulers.

With its effectiveness on the battlefield diminishing, people have found other uses of the tiger stripe, such as appliqué on limited edition products such as the Tiger Stripe Camouflage Collection by NEIGHBORHOOD. Consists of a classic work shirt, backpack and reversible ball hat, each features the military-inspired design right down to its durable cotton canvas construction. Part of the NEIGHBORHOOD’s Fall 2014 product line, the Tiger Stripe Camouflage Collection by NEIGHBORHOOD is available now via UK’s end clothing boutique.

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