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Alienware - Area-51 Desktop

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Alienware is set to re-release its Area-51 gaming desktop with a radically re-designed chassis, shaped to maintain airflow and keep conditions cool, even when positioned against a wall. Two handle-like points on the vaguely triangular body allows you to pick up the system, which weighs in at roughly 45 pounds. Inside the futuristic shell, there's support for up to three full-length graphics cards, Intel's new six- and eight-core Haswell-E series processors, and both overclocking and liquid cooling. Additionally, there's room for up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, bays for up to three full-size hard drives and two solid state drives, and an optional 1.5-kilowatt modular power supply. It's all backed up with DDR4 RAM support. The Alienware Area-51 desktop will begin shipping in October.