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GUMBALL 3000 - 2014 Event Recap by WATCHxWITNESS | Video

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Consists of photographers/videographer Jason Goldwatch and 13th Witness, the creative partnership known as WATCHxWITNESS hit the road earlier this summer to document the festivities surrounding GUMBALL 3000, the famous roving extravaganza across two continents. With over 120 exotic cars, 240 plus participants, hot girls and parties, this year’s venue started at Miami first with stops at Atlanta and New York. Then it was across the Atlantic Ocean to Edinburgh, London, over the English Channel to Paris, Barcelona, and a ferry ride to the final destination in Ibiza, where GUMBALL 3000 founder Maximillion Cooper married hip-hop starlet Eve. Along the week-long journey with little sleep, WATCHxWITNESS captured the insanity on this 4-minute film, with cameos by The Alchemist, Bun B, Eve, McLaren P1 and etc… In the meantime, all GUMBALL 3000 merchandises seen in the video will be part of Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.