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Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum Unveils His Bespoke Mark 2

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Originally released in the '60s, the Jaguar Mark 2 is an aesthetic knock-out, and it's been made even better by Jaguar design director Ian Callum. He worked with Classic Motor Cars -- a Jaguar restoration workshop based in Shropshire, England -- over a period of 18 months on the project, one that aimed to upgrade Callum's personal Mark 2 with modern performance capabilities. Modifications are highlighted by a 4.3-liter XK straight-six engine, five-speed manual transmission, new independent rear suspension and upgraded front brakes. Also up front are a bespoke power-steering rack, new coil springs, roll bar and adjustable dampers. Inside the cabin are retro-inspired gauges, an analog clock and a new center console with a Clarion infotainment system, new sound system and a hideaway touchscreen. Check out more looks below.