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Samsung Gear VR

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Virtual reality is experiencing something of a virtual arms race at the moment, with high-tech companies competing to bring a breakout virtual reality headset to the consumer market. Enter the Samsung Gear VR, produced in collaboration with Oculus and optimized for exclusive use with the Galaxy Note 4. The Gear VR is a wireless device packed with an accelerometer and a gyrometer for tracking head movement, but it lacks a screen of its own. That's where the Galaxy Note 4 comes in. It's dropped into the headset's micro-USB dock, and the phablet's quad HD 5.7-inch display delivers an impressive 1,280-by-1,440-pixel area to each eye. Users can expect an immersive 96-degree field of view and a 60Hz refresh rate, with physical controls taking the form of a focus wheel on the top, and a back button, volume rocker and small touch pad on the right edge. Stay tuned for pricing and release information.