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Motorola Moto Hint - Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Earbud

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Motorola has introduced the world's first Bluetooth headset that you won't be embarrassed to wear in public. Dubbed the Moto Hint, the tiny wearable slips into your ear to keep you constantly in touch with your mobile device. And though it works with any phone, it's optimized for use with the Moto X, primarily so that you can leverage its superbly convenient Moto Voice feature. (On the second-gen version of the phone, you can customize your key phrase, replacing "OK Google now" with any group of words you prefer). A built-in sensor enables Hint to turn on as soon as you place it in your ear, and from there you can ask for directions, request answers to simple questions, set an alarm or send and receive texts. Battery life is just 3.3 hours, but Hint comes with a convenient portable charge case. Retail is set at $149.99, with a release date to be determined later. Go here for more info.