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N.HOOLYWOOD – Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Show | Behind The Scenes

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We all know trends in fashion are cyclical. What helps to define one collection from another is the application of these trends. So while his contemporaries sought to refine streetwear into the fold of contemporary fashion, Japanese designer Daisuke Obana went for something more rudimentary with his sportswear-inspired N.HOOLYWOOD collection for Spring/Summer 2015. Naturally, this called for a fitting backdrop for the runway show, an outdoor space high above the New York skyline.

With preparation well underway, N.HOOLYWOOD’s production team from Japan worked feverishly to get all the details right. The late summer heat and near 100% humidity didn’t help with the process, though the most worrisome thought on everyone’s mind was the chance of rain. Fortunately, drizzle arrived due south from the location as the crew finalized system checks. A few floors down, an army of interns, assistants, and associates from Black Frame checked the long queue of editors, influencers, celebrities, and fellow fashion designers. Soon after that, with everyone in their seats, it was lights, music, and action…

Produced by: Dan HwangPhotography by: SamAlive