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Nike and Teague Design A Private Jet For Pro Athletes

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Free kicks, the best in apparel and sports technology, and some of the flyest cars and gear on the market. Why not also the best in air travel? Nike and Seattle-based design firm Teague show their hand with the release of preview images of their latest joint project, a private jet designed specifically for the needs of pro athletes. The concept cabin was laid out to meet every need these finely tuned machines may have, including a massage room, sleeping areas, a lounge, and a bathroom you would usually find overlooking Paris from a penthouse. The airliner is also stocked with the latest in Nike innovation with a urinal that monitors hydration levels and in-flight training zones included. It's surprising that one of these doesn't already exist given the amount of money in the leagues. Ball is in your court Jerry Jones.

via SN | Wired