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Roam Ropes Headphones


About eight years ago, Steven Lamar saw an opportunity to combine sophisticated audio engineering in with sleek industrial design and package it up as an expensive headphone option for the masses with the power of celebrity. The end result is what we know now as Dr. Dre's iconic headphones. Now Lamar, who took a backseat during the rise of Beats, is back to convince the world of their need for high quality earbuds, too, with his new company Roam Ropes. Available now for pre-order, these headphones do away with the idea that once you're finished listening to music, you need to pack them up. Instead, the Ropes are designed to hang around with you throughout the day. Made with cotton padding and with earbuds suspended from short metal bars, always at the ready without interrupting your style. It isn't all just style here, however, as an accompanying app allows the user to adjust the sound dynamic to taste or to set different sound profiles for different types of music. Currently available in two colorways, Graphite/Orange and Graphite/Black, head to the Roam site to learn more and pre-order a pair.