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Sock Club London - Launch "Made in England" Collaborations

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Sock Club London has just released a three-part collaboration with three top brands as part of their slick new "Made in England" Collection. Comprised of an exclusive set of limited edition socks, luggage, and an umbrella, each piece brings together the best of all of the brands in form and function, each extremely limited in number to be launched out of the new Sock Club London web store. First up, Sock Club London partnered with Pantherella on a collab right in their wheelhouse: a set of hand-linked toe seams offer superior comfort made with Egyptian cotton and nylon in a range of bold colorways. To help you carry your new apparel, Globe-Trotter Luggage has created the world's first and only sock case, also manufactured in England with ivory leather trim and a contrasting orange interior. The luggage can hold 12 pairs of socks with a webbing strap to hold them in place. To keep you and all your new gear dry, Fox Umbrellas has rounded out the collab with a new umbrella made with a 25" steel frame, a handle cased in black leather, and a nickel tip cup engraved with the brand's "No apologies, no regets" quote. See more of each after the jump as well as the new Sock Club membership card after the jump.