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TiVo Mega

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Watch out, world, TiVo has created a Monster. This time, however, it was on purpose. With 12X more storage capacity than any other cable box, the TiVo MEGA is for TV watchers who either just can't get enough or have the most erratic schedules. With 24TB (that's with a "T") and six tuners, the TiVo MEGA literally and truly dwarfs the competition allowing users to record over 3 years of TV programming. The icing on the cake? The TiVo MEGA is able to not only pull programs from cable, but also on-demand and streaming services like NetFlix and Hulu Plus and offers built-in mobile streaming. What else could you ask for? Learn more about this beast of a device and its $5,000 price tag directly from the TiVo store.