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Aether Insulated Outerwear

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Just because you're in the city, that doesn't mean you don't have to be fully prepared to get stuck in a light fall sprinkle or a freak torrential snowstorm. You do, however, have to make sure your apparel not only does the job, but does it with finesse. Aether's Insulated Outerwear is made just for this reason and for this season, comprised of 13 pieces of apparel ranging from the think Shelter model to the versatile Waxed Vest. Each model is built with three-layer waterproof fabric with a backing to keep your warm and dry, is fully seam-sealed, and comes with waterproof zippers. All of the models are form fitting and modern in cut with ample space to keep your gear also dry as a bone. Available in a range of colorways, head to the Aether online shop to pick-up what you need.

via Acquire