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MISSION WORKSHOP - Meridian Jacket

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Whether if you're a recreational rider, a daily commuter, or somewhere in between, you know that sometimes just a little change in your riding apparel can make a huge difference in how comfortable your ride is. A key piece of any rider's commuting essentials therefore must include MISSION WORKSHOP's Meridian Jacket, which is perfect for the chilly fall and early winter rides to come and will leave you not missing your car for a single second. From form to function, the Meridian is hard to beat; a solid, all-around softshell jacket provides the warmth, wind and rain protection, and breathability you need to get from point A to B looking under control, the functionality of plenty of zipper-secured and sealed pockets, and reflective hits to keep you safe. Made with maximum movement and minimalist design in mind, find the Meridian now directly from MW's online shop.

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