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1969 Corvette Gets Recreated in LEGO

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We've seen our world recreated into LEGO many times before: from the powerful Dark Knight Tumbler to the meth lab that made Walter White his millions. But it's not often we see an American icon, especially of the muscle car variety, make the transition so smoothly. That is, until this 1969 Corvette was recently recreated using only LEGOs. First posted to the Lego Ideas crowdsourcing site, this project is a highly detailed labor of love (perhaps even passion), where user Brickdater built using 1,500 different pieces. The result is a complete cabin with instrument panel and pedals, a detailed engine block with the iconic intake uptop, and even a removable hardtop. The project is well on its way toward being reviewed by Lego HQ, but it will need your help if you want to see this set come to a store near you. Continue after the jump to see more angles and head to the Lego Ideas site to throw your support behind the project.

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