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KILLSPENCER - Precision Pocket Modular Camera Bag Collection

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Started out as a personal project for designer Spencer Nikosey, KILLSPENCER quickly became a full-fledged label in just five short years, an indicator of the need for high quality yet practical accessories for men. Now with photography trade show Photokina well underway in Cologne, it serves as the perfect backdrop for KILLSPENCER to unveil its Precision Pocket Modular Camera Bag Collection. The collection starts off with the Precision Pocket Modular Camera Bag, an all-leather case with bullhide leather flap, taupe-colored leather interior and KILLSPENCER’s patented Cobra Buckle enclosure. In addition to the bag, customers will have several storage selections, such as the Precision Pocket Camera Bucket, Leather + Ripstop Drawstring Lens Pouches, Precision Pocket SD Card Carrier, Accessory Case 2.0 and finally Camera Strap. All handcrafted with the finest leather available plus a customization program that rivals some of the finest European brands.

All are available on September 23rd (Tuesday) through KILLSPENCER’s online store and its workshop on 2522 West Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.

KILLSPENCER 2522 West Sunset Blvd. | Map Los Angeles CA 90026

Precision Pocket™ Modular Camera Bag + Strap Our signature Precision Pocket™ Modular Camera Bag is made out of premium leather and features a black bullhide leather flap and taupe leather interior. It is structured and foam padded, has a patented Cobra Buckle, and 2 front pockets that fit a pocket sized Moleskine. It is outfitted with multiple Alice clip attachment points, which can used to clip on our iPad Mini Case or 2 Accessory Cases. MATERIAL OPTIONS : Black Leather ($750.00).

Precision Pocket™ Camera Bucket Our removable foam-padded Precision Pocket™ Camera Bucket is made out of premium scratch resistant Alcantara®, fitting the Leica-T perfectly or can be custom ordered to fit any camera. Available as in-store custom order only. MATERIAL OPTIONS : Midnight Black Alcantara® (starting at $120.00)

(2) Leather + Ripstop Drawstring Lens Pouches Our leather + ripstop drawstring lens pouches come in two sizes, accommodating both lens sizes of the Leica-T. Also available in custom sizing. MATERIAL OPTIONS : Taupe Leather + White Ripstop (S/23mm: $69, L/56mm: $89)

Precision Pocket™ SD Card Carrier Our Precision Pocket™ SD Card Carrier is specially designed to suit all your photography accessory needs. The carrier fits up to 4 SD Cards, 2 Leica-T Pins, and 2 Leica-T Tools. It fastens with an elastic security strap. Available as in-store custom order only. MATERIAL OPTIONS : Black Leather (starting at $150.00)

Accessory Case 2.0 (Detachable)? Our signature detachable Accessory Case 2.0 is the perfect compartment for your point and shoot camera, iPhone, or cables. Case features a Swiss-made Riri zipper in antique silver finish and a black eskimo fur-lined and foam backed interior. Exterior has a 1.75” Alice Clip webbing strip and 2 black mil-spec Alice Clips, which enables you to attach this to any 1.75” Alice clip system or to a belt. MATERIAL OPTIONS: Black Leather, Charcoal Grey Leather ($79.00)?, Jacquard Camo ($69.00)

Camera Strap Our Bridle Leather and paracord riveted and hand-threaded camera strap is probably the most comfortable and easiest camera strap on the market. Its minimal design and construction, using waxed linen thread, makes it virtually tangle free, and unbreakable. MATERIAL OPTIONS: Black Bridle Leather & Paracord, Dark Brown Bridle Leather & Paracord, Chestnut Bridle Leather & Paracord ($89)