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Kindle Voyage

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They say books can take you places to experience lives and events otherwise impossible. Now with Amazon's latest Kindle, the Kindle Voyage, you can take your device along with you no matter where you're headed, easier than ever before. While e-readers will never fully replicate the experience of holding a real paperback book, the Voyage is the closest thing on the market; it has a screen that looks the closest to paper yet with a crisp, beautiful bezel that presents the highest resolution and highest contrast among the Paperwhite Display family. Boasting 300ppi and adaptive light sensors to give you the ideal view no matter the environment, you'll find yourself drowning in book faster than the seatback in front of you can crush your kneecap. Measuring 7.6mm, it's also the thinnest Kindle, arriving with PagePress haptic sensors along both sides of the screen to allow for page-turning without ever lifting a finger. Arriving with Wi-Fi + 3G and over 4GBs of storage, a six week battery life, and access to the entire Kindle library, this is definitely the Bentley of e-readers. The new Kindle Voyage is available for pre-order ahead of its October 21 release.