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MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon Watch

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Shoes get worn. Cars depreciate as soon as you sign the dotted line. But a good watch - now that is a statement of who you are as a man. If the message that you want to send is that you are entirely different than everyone else on the block, then the MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon Watch needs to be strapped to your wrist. MB&F's corporate rule is that they can't do anything other brands do, which accounts for the creation of the Horological Machine No.5, constructed with a new material they call CarbonMacrolon shaped like the tank of a street bike, but made with driver's in mind. In fact, the wearing the watch in itself is supposed to be an experience; not only does the watch have small shutters that allow in light to read the time at night, but the time is displayed through a prism that bends the time on the internal dials.Water resistant down to 30 meters and packing an internally-housed Sowind gear-train with a purple-colored 22k gold automatic rotor that is shaped like the MB&F battle ax logo, this watch is in a league of its own. Limited to 66 pieces, each can be purchased for $63,000. If this is for you, let us know down below.

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