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PF Flyers x Richer Poorer - Sock Pack

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Accessories brand Richer Poorer has teamed up once again with PF Flyers, producing a new two-piece collection of combed cotton socks, made in the USA and featuring a plush, padded footbed. Built for everyday use, the socks are made to complement PF Flyers' Hi Pres Shower Boot, paying tribute to the sort of rubberized and vulcanized work boots that PF Flyers sold in the '30s and '50s. As for the geometric print that adorn the socks, the design is inspired by a classic Wampum pattern, used on belts highlighting a storytelling tradition among the Native American tribes of southern New England. The PF Flyers x Richer Poorer Sock Pack will be available starting September 22nd at the online stores of both brands.

Release Date: 9/22/2014 (Monday)