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Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

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There's a saying in the industry that "If you bought it, a truck brought it." While that may never change, for Mercedes-Benz, that doesn't mean that a "revolution on the motorways" isn't in order. Set for launch in 2025, the MB Future Truck 2025 totally changes everything we know about the trucker lifestyle and their mobile offices (and homes) -- from the minimalist and modern cabin design to the radar-driven autonomous driving mode - this new truck is more than just a pipe-dream. In fact, it's being actively tested in real driving scenarios in Germany, moving at speeds up to 50 mph with it's stereo camera-based instrument panel, "Highway Pilot" autonomous driving system that scans the road up ahead in both long (250 meters) and short (70 meters) ranges, and reclining driver's seat as in the preview image up top (which will take some getting used to). While still about 10 years away, the innovations in safety and design are long overdue. So, take after the driver in the image up top, kick up your feet, and browse the images after the click.