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LEGO Ferrari Collection

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This isn't the first nor will it be the last, but it is by far the most comprehensive to-date. Of course, we're talking about an iconic collaboration between two of our most favorite toys: LEGOs and Ferraris. While it may not be as big (in terms of scale) as the 1:1 Ferrari Formula 1 complete in LEGO form (save for the authentic tires), this latest collection is certainly hard to overlook, no matter how many birthday parties you have to your name. Currently only available in Shell stations in Singapore and Hong Kong, this set includes a Formula 1 racer, a Le Mans-style Ferrari, and a rally car, rounded out with a Ferrari-branded garage, a start/finish line with podium, and a crew chief or two. The subject of many hours of fun to come, you lucky ones in Asia better be thinking of us as you race your Prancing Horse around your home; at least until availability widens. (Hint, hint, Shell.)