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Nike Golf - The Vapor Iron Family

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The natural evolution of Nike's innovative Vapor technology, Nike Golf is ready to introduce the Vapor Iron Family of clubs. Found in their 360 Fielding Glove, Ultimate Cleat, Roger Federer 287 Edition Tennis shoe, and Flash Jacket, the process of infusing Vapor into any of their products begins with a meticulous process of collecting insights and feedback from the world's best. When studying Tiger's irons, for example, they found the wear pattern on the clubface was impacting its center of gravity and ultimately his ability to deliver an efficient strike. From there, going back to the kitchen, the Nike Golf chefs cooked up a new balance and recipe to the clubs with new tungsten plugs that push weight to the club's toe. From there, three types of clubs were developed, the Vapor Pro Iron - for shots requiring a strong, piercing drive - the Vapor Combo Iron - for low and deep short drives - and the Vapor Speed Iron - for high-flying, far drives. All three members of the new Nike Golf Vapor Iron Family will be releasing Friday, October 31st, at Nike Golf retailers across the map. See you on the links.

Release Date: 10/31/2014 (Friday)