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Doom Sayers Club by Omar Salazar - New Visual Identity by Golden Wolf

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In the ever-competitive world of cable television, the grand tradition of creative visual identity, especially those from MTV and VH1, has been discarded for the more lucrative commercial airtime. Fortunately, the art form is not completely lost thanks to new mediums like the Internet and production companies such as UK’s Golden Wolf. Part of the ilovedust creative agency, Golden Wolf was given the task of introducing Doomsayers Club, a new skate lifestyle brand established by Nike Skateboarding talent Omar Salazar. To capture the already shortened attention span of your average skaters, Golden Wolf produced a 14-second long animation in a simple black-and-white color scheme. Action packed from start to finish, the video depicts Salazar rolling in and out of scenarios, some realistic while others more fantastical. Be sure keep an eye out for more unique video production from Golden Wolf. Meanwhile, peep Doomsayers Club for their latest logo tee, hoodies and accessories.