adidas Originals Fashion Space by ONOMA Architects

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To meet the monumental task of consolidating adidas Originals’ various components into one concise retail experience for customers, ONOMA Architects decided to clear out the current guideline for Point-Of-Purchase (POP) displays. Instead, the Athens-base firm introduced a new layout for the newest adidas Originals Fashion Space storefront. Using only oak wood, ONOMA was able to bring a sense to “warmth” while maintain adidas’ philosophy of modern and streamlined designs. Art works and sculptures, also made of oak, not only help to act as partition between each of the product categories, but as branding platforms for adidas. Finally, key collections like adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott, items from collaborations with Kazuki Kuraishi, NIGO, Pharrell Williams and other, will act as centerpieces throughout the store.