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Introducing: Clear Weather Brand Footwear

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Launching out of Big Sur, California and officially going for broke, the new Clear Weather brand is up and ready to launch their new line of footwear beginning in November 2014. Established by two brothers who wanted their gear to reflect and expand who we are as individuals, Clear Weather brings together premium materials with a friendly price point, which ultimately results in a line of footwear that is mature far beyond its years. Just as the brothers' lives have continued to evolved and flow, they want their footwear to grow with you and reflect the movement that makes up your day. After spending more than two decades working with some of the biggest names in the game, striking out on their own was the next logical choice and we're all much better for it. See a full preview of what the crew from Clear Weather has in store for us after the jump and keep your eyes locked on this brand in the years to come.