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Mita Sneakers x New Balance MRT580 - "The Battle of Surfaces"

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Heading into their May 2007 match, Roger Federer, then the top-ranked player, had won 48 straight matches on grass courts. The World No. 2, Rafael Nadal, had 72 straight wins on clay. The match, held in Palma de Mallorca, billed as "The Battle of the Surfaces" was supposed to put to rest the long-held debate over who was better on their surface of choice. Half clay, half grass, the state was set. After three sets, Nadal came out on top 7–5, 4–6, 7–6. But, the battle still rages on. However, what isn't up for argument is the perfection that is New Balance's latest sneaker with Mita, the MRT580, which shares the name of the long-standing debate. With a yellow colorway (and texture) that mirrors the fuzzy ball and accents to match, the drop is an instant classic. See more angles of the collaborative drop after the jump, including a short preview flick, and stay tuned to Freshness to hear more about when this one will enter primetime.