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Magpul Ronin Motorcycle

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Custom street bikes usually have a story to tell. Whether its about the designer himself, a cause, or an event, more than just the average amount of love and passion goes into it than normal production bikes. In the case of this American born-and-bred company, Magpul, their Ronin Motorcycle takes inspiration from the Ronin Warriors from Japanese lore. Based on the American-built Buell 1125R, this limited edition bike packs oversized front rotors and frame that build on the signature Buell look, which also happen to double as fuel tanks. Off-centered stacked headlamps also add to the visual appeal and unique look to the bike, as does a high-sitting and centered radiator in front of the frame. Matching the Ronin story, Magpul is only producing 47 Ronin bikes, one for each of the Ronin Warriors with one of the warriors' names engraved on it. Each bike will also be released in a staggered series with pricing starting around the $40,000 USD mark, with the final five expected to be completely bespoke.