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Foldable Cardboard Standing Desk by Refold

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While its not everyone's cup of tea, the benefits of standing desks are pretty obvious: you burn more calories, you lower your risk of some cardovascular disesases, and it can help correct your posture. The problem for die-hard believers in the standing desk, however, is that not everyone else is as, well, diehard. Until now, that's wasn't your fault. With this new Foldable Cardboard Standing Desk by a project named refold, you can take your workspace/life-extender with you wherever you go. A joint project by Oliver Ward, Matt Innes, and Fraser Callaway, the Kiwi-based team has created a desk that lets you focus on your tasks where ever you want, including studios, schools, stores, mobile offices, and disaster relief. In other words, gone are the days where you have to look for a clean bench or curb to hammer out a few e-mails. Folding out and back in each in under two minutes with no tape using 100% recyclable pieces and environmentally-friendly adhesives. Hell, if they are good enough for UNICEF's New Zealand's Pacific Island education projects, they are good for you. Learn more after the jump and support the team via their Kickstarter page.

via designboom