Interview with Nike Basketball Color Lead Eugene Rogers


After Mars astronaut, Sports Illustrated photographer, and Formula 1 driver, many sneakerheads probably have "Color Lead for Nike Basketball" on their dream sheet. The artist behind some of the world's greatest looking shoes to ever grace the court, Eugene Rogers is the man and the brain behind the color palette that has redefined not only Nike footwear, but an entire industry. The team from designboom got to spend a few minutes with Rogers, where he shared his journey from an industrial design student in New York to a design consultant, before becoming enamored with color and fabrics. After applying to Nike in 2007, Rogers worked his way up to Color Lead, where his love for basketball and design took Nike innovation to the next level. Mixed in with vignettes on some of his favorite design, Rogers also shares his tips for others looking to take their game to the next level, including never restricting where your color inspiration or color palette, collaborating with others (like he's done frequently with Nike streetwear), and filtering out your own color tastes when they aren't relevant. Make sure to check out the entire interview and see Roger's visual story and some of his best after the click.

via designboom