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Oakley - "Snowboarding: For Me" Official Movie Trailer | Video

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Oakley's upcoming Snowboarding: For Me is a film that brings to life the unique relationship between the brand's world-class snowboarding team and the sport and lifestyle that the individual members inhabit every single day. The film was shot over the 2013 - 2014 seasons -- spanning the streets of Finland to the backcountry of British Columbia -- and weds archival, never-seen-before footage with moving testimonials from the athletes about the ways the sport has impacted their lives. The all-star line-up includes snowboarding pioneers Terje Håkonsen, Eero Ettala and JP Walker; Olympians Shaun White, Mark McMorris and Ståle Sandbech; and backcountry specialists Jake Blauvelt and Nicolas Müller. Check out the trailer below, and go here to see the film's international world premiere schedule. The full movie will be available for download from iTunes beginning November 4th.