LEGO’s New Minecraft Sets Leaked Online


While how it came to our attention so early isn't necessarily the point of the story, the most important thing to know here is that LEGO's has a new series of Minecraft Sets, which have leaked online giving us more than a month lead time before their supposed official launch. By way of a chain of franchise Lego stores in Russia, Mir Kubikov, who placed the sets online a month ahead of schedule, Gizmodo first became aware of the collections, which are chock full with Minecraft minifigures and sets to help fuel your obsession to the already-addictive game. Need a break from the digital version? Why not pair it with another addictive toy and, voila, here we are. At least this version doesn't require batteries or could give your eyes a break from screen time. See more shots after the jump.

via Gizmodo