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KeyDisk 2 - A New Way To Carry Your Keys

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As you've probably seen, some take the concept (or lifestyle of Everyday Carry, or EDC) a little too far. While you may be prepared for the zombie apocalypse with just what you have in your pockets, your jeans are often loose at the seams and you have gear jabbing you at every move. The KeyDisk 2, however, is for the EDC-enthusiast just as much as it is for the reasonable traveler, capable of holding up to nine keys without the usual keyrings stabbing you in the thigh. Constructed of sand blasted, anodized aluminum, the KeyDisk 2 is slim, lightweight, and slick solution to your current high-school lanyard approach. The team is currently looking for support for their project on KICKSTARTER, but there's still time for you to help push them over the edge and get a deal while you're at it.

via: coolmaterial