Spider Camera Holster


In photography, as with everything in life, there are trade-offs. What you gain with a DSLR with its seemingly endless array of lens and dials, you lose with the ability to easily store and transport without the need for a bag or large strap. Swooping in to save the day, however, is the Spider Camera Holster, created to provide a functional solution to the most annoying part of owning a DLSR. Available in two different types, one for lightweight cameras and one for full-size DSLRs, the Spider Holster attached to your belt (the lightweight model) or to its own belt (for the pro-size) and offers the ability for the camera to always be at the ready for when the shot happens. Using the brand's own mechanism, the release is smooth and simple, yet secure so the moment won't pass. And, if you're feeling particularly old west, more than one holster can be added to your belt. Available now, learn more about the Spider Holster at the brand's homesite. Pricing begins at $135.