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Tomorrowland - Teaser Trailer | Video

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Never mind that Tomorrowland is nominally inspired by the Disney attraction of the same name -- it's the film's pedigree that has fans looking forward to the mysterious retro-future adventure film. The screenplay comes courtesy of Damon Lindelof (Lost writer and co-creator) and Brad Bird (director ofThe Incredibles, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol), who also handled directing duties here. The teaser trailer depicts teenager Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) being released from a juvenile detention center. Among her personal effects is a seemingly magical pin, one that can transport its owners to a mysterious realm. The film co-stars George Clooney as Frank Walker, a former boy genius who has the answers to the land from which he is now exiled. Featuring a cast that also includes Hugh Laurie, Tim McGraw, and Keegan-Michael Key, Tomorrowland hits theaters May 22nd, 2015.