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Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Tuned to 728 HP by Novitec

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Not satisfied with the stock output or look of the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Novitec turns things up to 11 with their 728hp take. Beginning with the exterior, Novitec adds a modified front bumper and spoiler integrated with redesigned air intake joined with a new wing that automatically rises and is designed to ensure property engine venting. A new performance exhaust system and clear-coated carbon fiber accents for the door panels and instruments join 20- and 21-inch alloy wheels complete the visual upgrades. Providing the boost needed to increase the horsepower to 728 and torque to 523 lb-ft are a recalibrated engine electronics system and a remapped injection system. And, if all that engine purr is too much for you, active sound control that can be started with the push of a button is option. Learn more about their project at their homepage and in the additional preview shots after the click.