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Raymond Loewy's NASA Designs - The Space Future That Never Was

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Internationally known for this Earthly designs, the fact that legendary designer Raymond Loewy was enlisted by NASA for his services in beginning in the late 1960's is little known. Producing over 3,000 designs for NASA over the course of his tenure, which ran from 1967-1973, Loewy's designs ranged from vehicles, to workspaces, and everything in between. His time designing Earth-bound trains and even the iconic shape of the Coke bottle helped to influence his designs during his time as a "habitability consultant" to NASA, focusing on projects like the Skylab (in orbit from 1973-1979) and even a futuristic Space Taxi, seen in the preview shot above. While not all the ideas made it to reality, his work helped to influence NASA in their efforts to make their projects more human-friendly and functional. See more examples of his work, including his full-scale space station interiors, courtesy of NASA, after the jump.

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