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Christian Bale Cast to Play Steve Jobs in Upcoming Movie

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With a film resume that far exceeds his tenure, Christian Bale is now rumored to be cast to play Apple founder and serial innovator, Steve Jobs, in an upcoming biopic by Sony. Based on Walter Isaacson's biography and written by The Social Network and Moneyball's Aaron Sorkin, the film is set to begin production next spring under the direction of Danny Boyle, who is well known for his work on Slumdog Millionaire, and will focus on three key points in Jobs' public life: the launch of Mac, his post-Apple work on NeXT, and then the iPod. First picked up by Variety magazine, the juicy bit of gossip is creating quite the buzz, with many believing this to be the perfect tribute to the late Apple co-founder. Stay with us for more on this one as more details roll in, but this one should be good.

Source: Business Insider via Variety