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Name: Alex James
Occupation: Entrepreneur/Vintage Clothing Specialist/Creative Brand Manager of PUBLISH Brand
Top: PUBLISH Brand (Long Sleeve T-Shirt), UNIQLO +J Collection by Jil Sander (Slim-Fit Cotton Blazer)
Bottom: Acne Studios (Self-Distress Jeans)
Footwear: Engineered Garments for VANS Classic Slip-On
Accessory: PUBLISH Brand (Neoprene Camp Cap)

Quipped with keen eyes and near photographic memory, Alex James accumulated a wealth of knowledge on vintage clothing and made a business out of it. During any given day of the week, this former Brooklynite would act as a consultant for some of the most notable retailers in the world. Then on the weekends, you would find him peddling his own sizable collection of vintage sportswear at Brooklyn Flea. When longtime friend Michael Huynh, the Creative Director of PUBLISH Brand, came calling some time ago, James jumped at the chance. Together, the two, along with the talented team they gathered, helped to affirm PUBLISH Brand’s status in the streetwear realm. At the same time, they were able to broaden the brand’s appeal in the world of contemporary fashion, especially when they introduced their signature jogger pants. Still a “rag trader” at heart though, James now navigates through City of Angeles’ various flea markets in the hunting of vintage goods. Except now, it isn’t just about clothing but modern art, furnishing, or anything that he knows will be a classic 30 years down the road.

Photography by: Izzy Balderas
Produced by: Dan Hwang