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Heineken100 Year Five: Parabellum Tote

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Together with the one and only Chris Gibbs, proprietor of the influential store UNION Los Angeles, brewer Heineken just launched its “#Heineken100” initiative for 2014. A celebration of creativity and craftsmanship, the 2014 edition will be including essential collaborators, including Parabellum, a maker of premium leather goods from Los Angeles. Founded by Mike Feldman and Jason Jones, the brand continues the artisanal tradition by sourcing its signature bison leather locally. Each is then cut and sewn by hand at Parabellum’s LA workshop, thus every product is unique. One can find the same meticulous process on its Parabellum Tote for Heineken100 Year Five project. Featuring a bison leather front pocket and handles on durable cotton canvas, the tote includes a Trackr chip, a quarter-sized tracking apparatus that will help you locate it if lost. Finally, black ceramic rivets helped to reinforce the overall design. Individually numbered, the Heineken100 Tote by Parabellum will be offer to members of the Heineken100 network only.