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Hendo Hoverboards – World's First Real Hoverboard

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Cue the Marty McFly jokes. Arx Pax, a company based in Los Gatos, California, has unveiled the world's very first working hoverboard on Kickstarter. Much like the Maglev Train, the Hendo Hoverboard uses electromagnetic energy to enable platforms to hover over non-ferrous metals (metals without too much iron, therefore being light in weight and having higher conductivity). The current model, which happens to be their 18th prototype, floats about 1 inch from the ground and offers a "frictionless" ride. For your contribution of $10,000, you can own one of the world's very first hoverboards and be the envy of literally everyone. All we need now is an entire city built on magnetic sidewalks and a mass release of Nike Mags. See the board in action below and head over to Hendo's Kickstarter page for more info.