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Nixie Wrist Wearable Flying Drone Prototype

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Yea, the planned Apple Watch will come with a Retina display, the ability to send messages, give you news updates, and give you directions, but can it fly? Well, this new prototype from Nixie may not be able to do what an Apple Watch can, but it does have the idea of a wearable drone in its sights. As part of Intel's "Make It Wearable" Challenge, where the chip producer is tasking teams with producing a new wave of wearable tech, Nixie's idea is to scale down a drone to the size that can fit on your wrist and come with you. There isn't a specific timeline in place, but the team does have a site up as well as a way for you to sign-up to be notified about further developments, meaning they are looking for actual production to happen sometime in the future. The piece of gear doesn't actually tell time (yet), but it does connect the quadracopter-style flyer with an on-board camera that can sync with a mobile device, for example. If the Nixie wins the Intel Challenge, they can expect to get a cool $500k toward their project. Now we just have to hope they are used for good and not just high-flying selfies.

via ablogtowatch