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Restored James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine on eBay for $1 million

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After the notorious DB5 from Goldfinger, the second most famous James Bond car has to be the Lotus Esprit S1 that moves from sports car to submarine with the flick of a switch. Now, thanks to a new eBay auction, you, the most die-hard of Bond fans, can buy one for a cool $1 million. The result of a fresh overhaul from the reality show American Restoration by The History Channel, the car-turned-movie prop offered, however, is hardly mobile. In fact, it's a static prop that shows the folding wheels on the left side and the underwater fins on the right, while the whole car sits on a display platform in a diving angle seen in the movie back in 1977. The car is being sold by a classic car dealer from Las Vegas at a price point that is more than what Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk paid for his, $866,000. Musk has big plans for his model, however, where he hopes to make it a working submersible vehicle. He's the man to do it.