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J-Deite Quarter Transformer Robot

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While everyone was debating about an impending zombie apocalypse, no one paid attention to the possibility of robots taking over. Thanks to Brave Robotics, we're now one step closer. The Japan based company has teamed up with Asratec Corp and Tomy, creators of the original Transformers, to create J-Deite, an incredible and very real transformer robot. The one-quarter scale autobot's first form is a humanoid, bipedal robot that turns into a 3-foot-long sports car. Standing at around 5-feet tall, the "Quarter" in J-Deite's name implies that he's only one-fourth the size of the models that are to come, which is equal parts amazing and terrifying. Let's just hope for humanity's sake that it's not a Decepticon. Check out a video and more images of the autobot in all its glory down below.