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Bluesmart Carry-On Luggage with Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

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Traveling just got a lot easier thanks to the Bluesmart Carry-On bag. The Indiegogo project lives up to its name by being the world's very first smart carry-on. Not only can it connect to your phone, but it tells you the weight of your luggage using the built-in scale, so you can avoid paying an extra fee at the airport. It also has a digitally controlled lock (with backup key) that allows you to access your suitcase using your phone and comes with a Bluetooth proximity sensor that lets you know if it ever decides to wander off. Best of all, its built-in battery can charge your phone or laptop. The Bluesmart has raised well over their $50,000 goal so expect to see them on flights very soon. Check out more detailed images below and head over to their Indiegogo page to learn more.