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Reed Space x RASTACLAT – “#2” Bracelet

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Thanks to his art teacher Michael Reed, who encouraged his students to think differently, Jeff Staple made a serendipitous detour from his original career goal and went on to established two entities we all are familiar with now – creative agency Staple Design and clothing label Staple. But it is Reed Space, the retail aspect of Staple’s trifecta, which continues that scholarly ethos till these days.

In reference to its academia DNA, Reed Space recently created a bracelet based on the go-to #2 Pencil with designers at RASTACLAT. Linked together with actual shoe laces, the bracelet features the same mustard yellow colorway with the aglets (lace tips) reworked to look like eraser cap. Packaged with collector’s edition jewelry case, the Reed Space x RASTACLAT “#2” Bracelet is still available at New York City’s Reed Space, its online store now. The bracelet will also be available at RASTACLAT’s online shop starting this Saturday, November 1st.