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Ricoh Theta M15 360-Degree Camera

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The days of taking panoramic images by dragging your iPhone around in a circle may soon be gone. After introducing their first model earlier this year, Ricoh has announced the Theta M15 360-degree camera. With just one touch, the M15's dual spherical cameras allow you to capture panoramic shots that you can view in any direction. In a feature that has been popular with a number of different cameras being released this year, Ricoh's new device will connect wirelessly to all your mobile devices, which acts as a secondary viewfinder while allowing you to upload your photos with the simplest of ease. Along with the minor updates from the previous model, the new version now comes with video capability that shoots 360-degree movies (with sound!) up to 3 minutes long. The Ricoh Theta M15 is expected to ship starting November 22.