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The Best Sneakers to Wear With Cuff Pants

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You can never go wrong with a pair of Air Jordan 5 “Grapes” in a bar-hopping ensemble–or can you? Way too often, we place too much emphasis on our kicks when picking out an outfit for that special occasion. The consequence can be two-fold – either we drown out the sneakers’ rare attributes or worse, the outfit is completely mismatched. This happened during his college years, but thankfully, writer Sean Sweeney eventually devised a point system to help him navigate the do’s and don’t’s. Now, after some years of perfecting his system, Sweeney reduced his formula to just a simple pairing between the right sneakers and the right cuffed pants. While it isn’t The Secret Of Life, Sweeney’s observation is right on point with all aspects of his deduction. Don’t think so? Then head on to The Drop for the complete story from Sweeney himself.