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Brikk 24k Gold Nikon Df

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If you have $41,395 and don’t know what to do with it, you’re in luck. Known for creating lavish renditions of popular electronics (like a gold iPhone 6 with diamond Apple logo), Brikk has taken their vision a step further with the 24k gold Nikon camera. With only an exclusive 77 units made, the Lux Nikon Kit will include a Nikon Df and Nukkor 14-24 F/2.8 lens finished in 24k yellow gold, the purest in all the land. Apparently, it took almost an entire year to create the marvel in Brikk’s product development lab. The focus and zoom rings are even adorned in stingray leather, giving you the absolute best of the best. Check out more photos below and head over Brikk’s online store to purchase one, if you dare.